The MAD Entrepreneur

Making a Difference in the World,

in Business and in Life

Phil Romano has acquired a wealth of knowledge over his 50 years in the restaurant business. In his latest book, The MAD Entrepreneur, Romano shares his secrets to success and insight into why he’s MAD, Making a Difference, in the world, in business and in life.

About Phil Romano

Investor, entrepreneur, artist and nationally-renowned restauranteur.

Philip J. Romano is an investor, entrepreneur, artist and nationally-renowned restauranteur. Romano has been involved in the restaurant business for more than 50 years, creating over 25 concepts and receiving numerous honors.


Romano's creativity expands beyond restaurants to art

Romano’s passion for painting began 50 years ago to let his creativity flow. He gave away his artwork to his friends and family who showed enthusiasm for his talent. In September 2008, for the first time, Romano sold a piece of his artwork.